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Remembering John Stratton

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John passed away unexpectedly at age 53 on July 10, 2023.  He was a Washburn Miller (1988) and a Minnesota Gopher (1992).  Although he may have been hesitant to admit it, he became a Minnetonka Skipper through his children.  He played pond hockey religiously with friends throughout the winters and often stated it was the one thing he loved about the cold.  He was the king of one-liners; one always had to be careful not to set him up easily for a quip.  John was also a loyal friend to those he loved and would never let too much time pass without picking up the phone to talk with those he cared about.  He had an innate ability to connect with people and weave threads between everyone he knew or met throughout his life.


Most of all he was a devoted, proud husband and father to his wife, Rachelle Loewenson Stratton and his children, James Egan Stratton and Irene Elizabeth Stratton.  He was the protector of his squad. He was never quite sure how he helped create such perfect children and cherished every moment he could spend with them.  He is also survived by his father, James Stratton; sisters Mary T. Stratton and Kate (Paul) Flynn; brothers Michael (Kristi) Stratton, Tom (Kim) Stratton, Christopher Stratton, and his twin Matt (Kim) Stratton; parents-in-law Marsha and Dan Loewenson; many nieces, nephews, family in-law and extended family.  He is preceded in death by his mother, Deanna Coolbroth Stratton and sister Elizabeth Bartley Stratton.

Please gather with John’s family and friends for a celebration of his life on July 28, 2023 from 5-8 pm The ROC, 3700 Monterey Drive, St. Louis Park 55416.  Bring a John memory or story to memorialize in writing for his two children, who endlessly treasure knowing both the light and the shenanigans their dad left in his path.

Memorials in lieu of flowers John's family would like to honor John and  his soulmate dog Fozzie with a memorial fund at Secondhand Hounds. Fozzie, who stole his heart.

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