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At Secondhand Hounds, we take on the cases no one else can or will. We make sure that animals who are victims of abuse, neglect, bad breeding, or accidents have a chance. A chance to get the veterinary and emotional help they need, and eventually find loving forever homes. Our commitment to these animals comes at a price – we spend over $1,000,000 each year on the veterinary care of our animals. Much of this goes to animals in our Fighter Fund. If they are willing to fight for their lives, then so are we. We need your financial support to keep saving these beautiful souls! Any donations received for a specific Fighter Fund animal that exceeds the cost of care for that animal will go towards the care and treatment of other Fighter Fund animals.

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Fighter Fund Stories

Abra & Cadabra

4 month old Miniature Pinscher puppies surrendered to a shelter from a breeder with life threatening heart defects. Underwent heart surgery and unfortunately Cadabra didn’t make it.


Springer Mix thrown out of a car as a puppy, two broken elbows (Adopted!)


Anderson is a young male Pit Bull/Lab mix who was found wandering as a stray in Texas. He was found with mange, received treatment and has been adopted!


Apple is a 3-year-old Pit Bull who came to SHH heartworm positive, with a heart murmur and a large wound on her back. She received heartworm treatment, her wounds have healed, and she has been adopted into a wonderful home!


Asia was surrendered with a large mammary tumor on her body. The mass was removed while she was spayed, and she recovered successfully! (Adopted!)


Had paralysis of his back legs from an unknown cause, but received the medical care and therapy he needed to live a happy life. (Adopted!)


Kitten with bot fly in her head (Adopted!)

Bernadette the Bulldog

English Bulldog with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (RIP)


Rottweiler with rare skin disorder (RIP)


A Pit Bull who came to us with some neurological issues. He was unstable on his legs and has sores on his back legs from dragging them, but since received care to help him live a happy life. (Adopted!)

Cammi (Cambria)

12 year old pregnant beagle mix who almost died during labor (Adopted!)


Pit Bull who had been shot in the face. (Adopted!)


Charlie came to us from Kentucky with Megaesophagus and PRAA needing surgery. Our friends at the U of MN helped him out with the surgery he needed and he has been adopted and should live a full and happy life!


Hound Mix with burns over most of his body (Adopted!)


Daario is a Great Dane who came to SHH from a neglect situation in Kentucky. He was malnourished, weak and needed some TLC before he would be available for adoption. He since gained weight, got socialized, and has been adopted!

Fish Market

Chihuahua who came to SHH with two broken hind legs. He received surgery and has moved to his forever home! (Adopted!)


Pit Bull who was kicked so hard he had internal injuries (Adopted!)


Pit Bull thrown from a car (RIP)


Google came to us with a grade 5 heart murmur. After an appointment at the U of MN it was determined that he was fixable! He made a full recovery. (Adopted!)


7 month old kitten put in a dryer and discovered with burns. She recovered and is all healthy! (Adopted!)


German Wirehair with Congenital Hypospadias (Adopted!)

Lt. Dan

Kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia (Adopted!)


Goldendoodle with grade 5 heart murmur – she got the heart surgery she needed to survive! (Adopted!)

McKensie Rae

Found shot in the head with a broken jaw. She received the medical care and therapy she needed, and then found her forever home! (Adopted!)


Pit Bull Mix left starving and parvo positive – she was 7 lbs when she was found and now weighs 35 lbs. (Adopted!)


English Bulldog with a laundry list of issues! (Adopted – RIP)


Domestic Shorthair found with severe frostbite on his rear legs. Getting skin grafts and medical care he needs now!


Oliver arrived with diabetes that needed to be regulated and cataracts. We were able to regulate his insulin and get him into a dog optometrist for cataract surgery to give him sight! He received well, gained much of his sight back and was adopted!


Short Spine Syndrome German Shepherd Dog.


Mixed breed with grade 5 heart murmur – he has been fixed and he is now healthy! (Adopted!)

Roo Roo

2-legged terrier mix (Adopted!)


Shepherd mix with two broken legs and a pelvic fracture (Adopted!)


Pit Bull found in an alley with a broken back. She is paralyzed and has no use of her back legs. (Adopted!)

Winnie and Beans

They were born with a genetic spinal defect causing incontinence. Both were seen by a specialist, and it was determined that surgery would not help their condition at this time. It takes a special adopter to add these special needs babies to one’s home, but both successfully found their forever homes! (Adopted!)


Wrinkles is a Shar Pei mix who was hit by a car and left for dead. She was in rescue for 417 days, before she found her own forever home! (Adopted!)


Pit Bull mix tied to a tree, found with major skeletal deformities, barely able to walk – now he RUNS! (Adopted!)

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