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Save animals in honor of Megan and Brian! 


We are so excited to support a cause close to our hearts on our wedding day. Megan adopted our dog Murphy from Secondhand Hounds in 2013 and ever since he came into her life he has brought joy, energy, and at times a little chaos.  Brian has fallen in love with Murphy almost as quickly as he did with Megan over our many dog walks around Lake of the Isles. We are still convincing Brian’s dog Jamie that she and Murphy are best friends and should be constantly snuggling each other because on the rare occasion they do, it’s so adorable. 

We are all so excited to start our lives together as a family and are so grateful to Secondhand Hounds for bringing Murphy to us!  Please donate to help other families find their Murphy and help other Murphys find their forever home!

Megan, Brian, Murphy, & Jamie

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Help us keep saving lives

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Thank you for helping us save lives!


Any amount is appreciated and your donation is 100% tax deductible! Many companies will match their employees’ donation – ask your employer if they can double your impact with a donation match!
Here's what your money can do:

$20 - Offsets a vaccination or microchipping expense.
$50 - Helps 10 dogs and cats receive their monthly preventatives.
$100 - Subsidizes the cost of a spay or neuter surgery and aftercare.
$250 - Pays for dental work on dogs and cats who have painful, infected mouths.
$500 - Allows travel to states with major overpopulation problems and saves around 40 lives

For donations under $250, the IRS does not require donors to obtain a written acknowledgment from a charity before you claim a charitable contribution on your federal income tax return. For check and cash donations made to Secondhand Hounds, there may be a 2-3 week delay in receiving an acknowledgment/receipt. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have an urgent need, please email

How does my donation help rescue animals like Murphy?

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