Ziggy is a sweet little Terrier, although she growls at everyone and everything even as she’s kissing you. She’s got this zombie like sound which is funny. She don’t really want to be picked up that makes her mad she rolls over like a alligator and protest as loudly she can. Yet she loves us a lot and her little tail is wagging so much when she sees us. I usually bring her to a mirror and tell her how beautiful she is, I’m not sure she likes it or not, it’s hard to tell with her. She’s got an excellent snout and sniffer that can smell anything good going on in the kitchen so she goes out there and hangs out to get a little taste 🙂 She mostly likes to cuddle and sleep as much as possible and loves to come out of her “cave” to remind me that it’s time for her meds she gets two times a day and a lot of meds which is why we need the pill pockets the chicken/wishbone brand. She loves cuddly blankets and beds she can crawl into and hide.  She is living Forever Loved.

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