We signed up to foster Wonder on October 1st 2019. Our previous foster was headed to her forever home the day before he was scheduled to arrive and we couldn’t wait to welcome another. Wonder has been a dream from the moment I brought him home. Our resident SHH alum and the kids were and continue to be thrilled. He is just so sweet and a gentle giant (who sometimes doesn’t realize how big he is.) He jumped right in with our crew- zooming in the yard with Thor, snuggling with the kids, and their bath time quickly became a favorite. About a month into his being with us he lost his sight. I’m talking and walked straight into the wall and couldn’t see. He was whining and squinting and obviously uncomfortable. Dr. Schulte got his bloodwork results back and we learned that his rare auto-immune disease can lead to blindness. He was put on prednisone (a drug that has saved MY life twice) and we patiently waited. He got his sight back (mostly) and his skin improved. Yay! He has become more cautious but his affection never was dampened. After eight months with us we still don’t know his lowest effective meds and have had a few flair ups here and there. With those have come increased anxiety and we joke that I am his emotional support human as he is rarely very far from me. He is so loving and so very loved. We are honored to continue to care for him and keep him in our home where he is comfortable and has his doggie guide and is truly a part of our family. We love our Wonderbear!!

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