Wishbone is the snuggliest, cutest boy once he gets to know you. He couldn’t lie down closer to me if he tried and he follows me wherever I go. He likes to burrow under the covers, and he makes the cutest whimpering noises as he arranges his blankets to make them just right for sleeping. Other than that, he’s a pretty quiet guy, unless someone comes to the door. Although, he doesn’t like to be left alone and will definitely voice that opinion. And if it takes to long to get his food ready, he definitely lets me know! For being 15 years old, he still has lots of energy for walks and to play with toys and other dogs. Wishbone loves mealtimes and treats. He just wants to spend his days, snoozing and snuggling with his people, eating good food, and enjoying the outdoors. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what he should be doing.

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