Winnie is a senior chocolate lab with heart failure, severe arthritis, and occasional incontinence. She was found outside in the rain in Oklahoma, unable to walk and emaciated. She was brought to a shelter and no one claimed her. She then was fostered through a rescue in Oklahoma, where they discovered that she had heart failure and arthritis. Thanks to the love of those fosters, she slowly regained some strength and now can walk, although she is still pretty stiff and shaky. She is on pain medicine for her arthritis, as well as a cardiac contractility medicine to help optimize her heart’s output and a diuretic to help keep excess fluid from accumulating in her lungs. After a couple of months in Oklahoma, she made her way to Minnesota to become a part of the Forever Loved: Secondhand Hospice program.

She now lives in a foster home with 3 other dogs, two of whom are also seniors. She was a little scared at first but warmed up quickly, and now will put her head on our laps and nudge our hands for attention. She is still quite underweight but, like a typical lab, she loves to eat, so we’re working on that! She also really enjoys going on short walks, although she can only walk maybe 2-3 blocks at a time. She is a very sweet girl and is already one of the family.

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