Wilber is an elderly gentleman that came into Second Hand Hounds after being found as a stray in Kentucky. We aren’t exactly sure of his background, but he seems to have been neglected. After arriving at Second Hand Hounds, Wilber had to have all of his 35 remaining teeth extracted. But in true Pug fashion… that does not stop him from eating! He also came to us with raging ear infections and some skin issues. Wilber has 2 luxating patella as well as some other old man aches and pains. We aren’t sure if it’s due to the pain or previous trauma, but Wilber can get grumpy and nip and bite (with no teeth!). Sometimes it seems unexpected, other times it’s because he absolutely does not like anyone messing with him or picking him up if it isn’t his idea! He also seems to maybe have a little bit of dementia so we are trying some different prescription food and meds to help with that. He is on 2 different meds twice a day to help with his mobility and to manage his pain. Wilber does okay with pottying outside on a schedule, but still has some accidents so wears a belly band all the time.

Despite his old man crotchetiness, Wilber definitely seeks love and affection. He can’t do the stairs by himself and cries like a baby when foster mama goes downstairs or outside. The most heartwarming thing is when he cozies up, buries his crusty little nose and sneezes in your face. His way of asking for pets! And he LOVES to eat! The fastest he moves is when it’s meal time! His favorite past times are snoozing next to his foster Mama, sniffing outside and eating.

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