Wendy is a 5 year old little girl that was rescued from living on the streets in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Someone caught her because they were worried for the skinny, scared little dog.  She was all alone, trying to survive.  They kindly brought her to a wonderful rescue group in Mexico.  Because there are more dogs than adopters there, they chose to send Wendy to Secondhand Hounds to find a forever family. Wendy was terrified when she arrived, understandably!  She wasn’t as resilient as many dogs are, and has had a hard time learning to trust people and dogs that she meets. She settled into her foster home nicely, eventually accepting her other doggie siblings, and apparently decided she wasn’t going anywhere.  3 years later, after many training attempts and medications, it was decided that Wendy would live out her life with her foster family as a behavioral hospice.  Wendy never had a clue that she wasn’t already with her forever family, and she’s content staying put.  Unfortunately, she does have dental issues that Secondhand Hounds will continue to treat.  She also has to be on a prescription diet for allergies and is on anxiety medications, so it is costly for Secondhand Hounds.
She is being pampered in her forever foster home and is loved immensely!