Valentina aka Bella

Hi, My name is Valentina, but my momma calls me Bella!! It is the name my previous foster momma used, so I know Bella & Bellaboo the bestist!! I was asked to write a biography thingy about myself, but I don’t know what a “biography” is, so momma, Joyce, explained that you just want to know stuffs about me!!

First, I have these bad ouchie thingies called arthritis and IVDD… so my neck and back get real ouchie sometimes and it makes me whine, cry and yelp!! The pain is mostly when I stand up after laying down, so my momma talks real soft to me, and tells me what a brave girl I am until I work the pain out. Once I’m up and moving around I LOVE going for long walks… right now we walk about a mile a day. As soon as I see my leash I get a wiggle butt that makes it hard for momma to connect the leash to my harness… bol (barking out loud)

I have really nice heating pads to rest on, toys to tear the stuffing out of, balls to chase, and lots of peanut butter to eat out of my Kong!! Oh, and I have my own special Chiropractor, Dr Sarah. I have HER wrapped around by paw!! I have special medications for my pain that my momma gives me. She thinks she’s hiding it when she puts it in a hotdog piece or treat, but I know it’s there, and that it is to help me live a comfortable life. I have lots of special people in my life that are there to help me live my best life. The SHH Hospice Foster Team makes sure I get everything I need, and even some of the things I just want!! Thank you to my previous fosters, especially momma Mary. And thank you SHH for picking momma Joyce to be my Hospice Foster I already love her to the moon!!

Licks & Wiggles to Everyone!

Love, Valentina aka Bella

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