When Trixie first came to me, she was very timid and wary of people getting too close to her. And while she’s still standoffish and likes her space, she now comes up to me for pets and to lie down right up next to me on the couch or in bed at night. It took almost 3 months for her to move from napping at the opposite end of the couch to napping next to me. The first time she did it just melted my heart.

Trixie is an older gal, and spends a lot of time sleeping, but she’s always up for a walk if she sees me get out the leash. She sniffs EVERYTHING! Our walks are much more of a meandering down the block, as her nose is still in great working order. She’s learned to sit for a treat and to ring the bells on the door when she wants to go out.

Trixie has a severe heart murmur, a mass on her heart, some pretty bad dental disease, and takes so many medications I had to make a color-coded spreadsheet to keep track of them all. But you’d never know it. She’s sweet, gets along well with other dogs, doesn’t bark unnecessarily, and even almost plays sometimes! She is definitely well loved and I’m so honored to be her person!