Spencer is a 3 year old great pyrenees/golden mix and a huge love bug!

Yesterday at the vet we noticed some abnormalities in his joints and she ordered some x rays. Unfortunately the results are that Spencer has extensive osteoarthritis along with hip dysplasia. Spencer is a big dog which means his joints have extra stress on them so this will likely progressively get worse as time goes on. Eventually it will render him lame and his pain will be unable to be controlled by meds. With all this information SHH has decided not to adopt out Spencer and instead to put him on hospice care until his pain becomes unmanageable.

This is devastating news to us as fosters and we have no clue what we are doing but we have decided to keep Spencer with us and take on his comfort care until his time comes. Luckily Spencer is his normal loveable, goofy, and sweet self still and hopefully will stay that way for awhile. Please send warm fuzzy vibes his way and keep your paws crossed for us as we embark on a sad journey together.