Rocky (Beau)

Rocky, aka Beau, is a sweet southern gentleman who came to Secondhand Hounds from a shelter in Alabama with the intent of being an adoptable foster. However, when he was neutered, the vets found he had some inoperable mast cell tumors, and Beau became our fospice dog. Now, Beau is living the good life with two cat brothers, Red and Rex, and human kids and adults all ready to give him snuggles and cheese treats (his favorite). He enjoys leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, where he licks passersby who stop to pet him, napping on the “forbidden” sofa, and soaking up all the love he can. He’s not terribly old (7, or perhaps 8 by now), but he is a slow going and quiet kind of guy. He takes daily doses of some pain medication. Delivered rolled up in American cheese, he’s a big fan – in fact, anytime we are getting pills out of the cupboard, he is hopeful, and gets annoyed when it’s just one of us getting some Tylenol.  He enjoys a good, slow walk around a block or two, where he can sniff to his heart’s content and leave his mark all over the neighborhood. He loves a good nap – if it’s in the sun, it’s a bonus. He has just discovered that sleeping in bed with us is pretty awesome, and we indulge him (despite all the dog hair!). Basically, he’s just a big sugar, and we are crazy about him. Beau fits in perfectly with our pack, and he has found his forever home here with us.