This is Mr. Peanut and his story! Peanut was found as a stray in Grand Rapids Mn and brought to a shelter in Hibbing, knowing he was a senior and in bad shape they contacted shh for help. Peanut came to live with me and it was quickly discovered his issues were due to neglect. He came in with Erlichia a bacterial infection(treated), ear infections(treated), untreated chronic dry eye(now managed). He’s had 3 surgeries which included repairing 3 hernias, neuter and a dental repair(ground down from chewing on a kennel to get out). He has since been diagnosed with skin allergies which were still trying to find the best treatment for him. He has a “cauliflower” ear due to a past untreated ear infection that went to into the tissue of the ear flap, nothing can be done but it causes him no discomfort. He does have some arthritis and he will always be  on the skinny side as he cannot seem to gain weight or rebuild muscle mass. Since picking Peanut up on Sept 4,2018 he has been all tail wags and love, he is the epitome of resilience, strength and forgiveness. He is the most calm, gentle and loving soul, who loves to be with his people, walking around the yard with his nose to the ground and of course meal/treat times. He loves all and sees everyone as a friend, humans, dogs,cats and whether you’ve been gone 5 mins or 5 hrs he’s always there to welcome you home. He is a real survivor an all around special guy and I’m lucky to be his furever family and his furever home!

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