Nettie is a sweet, beautiful calico cat. She has hyperthyroidism, which in turn has caused heart and kidney diseases, as well as anemia. She has been on a variety of meds, which has left her quite adept at spitting pills out, whether it be immediately or by sneakily holding them in her cheek to casually spit out as she saunters away. It’s all about perseverance in getting them in her every day! She requires SubQ fluids every other day, a special diet, as well as regular blood work and injections for her anemia. Despite all this, she is an affectionate, happy kitty who purrs readily and quickly wins the hearts of everyone who meets her. Well, almost everyone! She is still working on winning over her feline foster sister, but her bunny foster siblings accepted her right away (even though Nettie wasn’t quite sure what to make of them at first).

While Nettie may sleep a bit more than the average healthy cat, she still enjoys some of the usual cat activities.  She loves exploring, having her head scratched, and drinking from the bathroom faucet. Nettie can be talkative and is rather outgoing, never shy about meeting new people of all ages. She still keeps herself very clean, but very much enjoys having her long fur combed every day. When I sleep in Nettie’s room, she often lays on my chest, or above my head on the pillow… purring happily to show she loves me as much as I love her.

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