Luca came up to Minnesota in February 2019, from Arkansas, listed as 11 but more than likely 14 years old. He had a very bad yeast infection over his body and ears and had scratched and chewed himself raw. That has since healed but he has numerous other issues. He is completely blind and deaf, most likely the result of too many untreated infections. All his teeth have been removed. He was also diagnosed with the beginning of canine cognitive disorder or doggy dementia. The dementia causes him anxiety and when stressed he paces in circles, cries, panics and potties. Despite all his ailments, he is making progress and finding joy. He is starting to find his way around and learning to navigate stairs. He paces, cries and panics less. He still potties inside but I am going to start him in diapers and see how that goes. Small steps but they are something.

He enjoys his foods and makes quite the mess of it. He like being outside and sniffing. When he is being walked, he doesn’t walk – he prances, proudly, like a show dog. I think in his mind, he is a show dog. He usually can find his doggy bed to nap in or make it down the hall to the bedroom at night. I wasn’t sure about him sleeping in my bed, but I gave it a try. Luca does not move, he curls up as close to me as possible, puts his head on me and sleeps. I know this is him letting me know he loves me and is thanking me for taking care of him. That makes all the messes worthwhile. I will do everything I can to make sure his remaining time is the best as it can be, while showering him with love and affection.

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