When we told Lily she was getting hospice, she thought we said hotdish. Not that her hearing is bad, she just has an overly optimistic view on how often she should get special treats.

Her birth certificate says she was born in 2006, but she acts like she was born in 2016—with the energy and curiosity of a much younger dog. Lily was set to be euthanized on May 1, 2019 to unburden her owner’s stress of being a new parent. But Secondhand Hounds wouldn’t have it and offered her a home for life. Lily happily accepted. Lily came to us with plenty of health issues, including ear infections, bladder stones and a multitude of lumps—one of which is malignant and will be removed shortly. If this was her complete list of issues, she would soon be available for adoption. But because she has elevated liver values, and there is no clear cause or treatment, she joined the special pups in the hospice (hotdish) group.

The good news is this little tater tot has no idea that she has any health issues. She snuggles, plays, craves attention and hangs out with her senior dogmates without a care in the world—except about when it will be time for another treat.