Grant came in rescue with health issues, assumed from living as a stray but hopes of a foster home, good food and care would resolve them. Sadly it was discovered Grant was born with a congenital liver issue, Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia, a congenital liver abnormality that affects the blood flow in his liver and digestion. There is no cure. He was given anywhere from 6 months to 6 years to live. Secondhand Hounds chose to have him join the program and be with his forever foster so that he could stay in a home where he was loved, for however long that may be. From his foster: But despite all of his medical issues, you couldn’t ask for a better sidekick. Grant aka Archie is excitable, happy, and never hesitates to let you know that he needs pets. He loves when I cook him an egg, and he enjoys chasing rabbits around the backyard. We also just started puppy school a few weeks ago. I hadn’t intended to enter the Forever Loved program, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Arch has been such a joy, and it’s been amazing to see him transform from the emaciated, scared dog covered in sores to the happy pup he’s become.  He is a very happy loved boy, living every day forever loved.