Gertie is a 13-16 year old German Shepherd who traveled to MN in November of 2017 from AR where she was picked up as a stray. When she first arrived to rescue, she was in rough shape and no one knew how long she would be around. She joined the hospice program largely due to age. She is also completely blind with severe glaucoma, and has some other general, old-age ailments. Almost a year and a half later, here she is still kickin! She was recently spayed after developing pyometra, and pulled through that like the champion she is. She takes great joy in destroying squeaky toys – the plush ones are her favorite. She picks out all the stuffing and literally spits it to the side until she is laying in a pile of her own destruction. She gets excited to go for short, slow walks, and absolutely loves to be pet and have her ears rubbed. She is honestly the most easy-going dog, and nothing really phases her. She has our whole hearts.

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