Garfield came to SecondHand Hounds in June 2020 with his two sisters when he was only 10 weeks old. His journey started out a bit different than most kittens, he came in with what we all thought was an upper respiratory virus. So he had the typical treatment and some antibiotics to help him get better. But after 4 weeks, a second round of antibiotics and a few trips to the vet to get some Sub-q fluids the SHH team decided that they needed to run a few more tests to rule out anything more serious. After his first round of blood tests came back with his liver enzymes being on the high end of normal range, the team decided to run a second test that specifically targeted his liver function. This test came back as they had suspected, that he has Portosystemic Shunt or PSS.

Due to his liver issue, Garfield doesn’t get the nutrition that he needs from his food, and his liver isn’t able to filter out the enzymes that are the byproduct of digestion. This leads to a build up of these digestive enzymes in his system. It causes him to be unsteady on his feet at times, have moments of fogginess and weakness, and to drool excessively. It is also slowing his growth, he will always be a teeny tiny kitten.

Garfield is the tiniest of kittens living large in his foster home, he has started to get used to the two resident cats and has started to wrap them around his tiny little paw. He has bursts of energy, but over all his play is much more relaxed and in short spurts. His favorite things are heated blankets – even on the hottest of summer days, and seeking the best sun spots. His favorite toy is whatever another cat is playing with, and they all seem to give him what he wants. He gets spoiled by everyone in our house!

We plan to love Garfield, snuggle and play with him for as long as he is able. In return for all your donations and support he sends you his thanks as his signature head butt & nose nudge all with a little bit of slobber included!

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