Ebony aka Stella, is a sweet Chihuahua mix, that came up from Alabama in September 2018. She was skin and bones, weighing only 8lbs. She was very skittish, had a bum leg , urinary issues and is probably closer to 13 than 10 years old.  Stella had 2 surgeries within her first couple of months here. Her first was to remove 5 large bladder stones. She is at continued risk of more stones and must be fed a prescription diet. Her second was to remove her leg. Her hip had been dislocated so long, there was no repairing it and you could tell it was causing her pain. There were hopes of making her adoptable but due to her health issues and age she was deemed hospice.

Stella loves to eat and rapidly gained weight. She is now a healthy 16 lbs. After leg was removed, she became a different dog. I like to say “Stella got her groove back. She surprised me by knowing to sit, beg, fetch and play catch. She loves her miniature tennis balls and chasing her squeakies when thrown down the hall. I am very much looking forward to taking her to the dog park this summer and watching her run. She enjoys napping in her bed, on the couch or in my bed at night. There is a ramp she uses to get up but often prefers (against my direction) to jump off the bed.  She gets along well with her siblings, all small older dogs, 2 of which are residents and 2 are fosters. She does get snippy with her foster sister occasionally over couch position. Stella has also mastered the stink eye and will give you a look if she is in trouble over something.

I am thrilled and honored to be able to spoil and give the all the love she deserves. I am committed to making her final years her best.