Meet Delilah, one of the youngest pups to join the Forever Loved Hospice family. Delilah was born with severe hydrocephalus, meaning a buildup of water in her brain. Along with this, she has two very large open fontanelle (like the soft spot on a baby’s head). This makes her at constant risk for sustaining a head injury, especially as she is just a wee bit clumsy. She has the sweetest disposition though, and is curious and silly.

Currently, her meds are maintaining the pressure in her head, and she is thriving. Studies of cases like this are pretty rare, but indicate that about half of the dogs with her condition do well on meds for several years, and the other half deteriorate over a few months (with seizures and pressure that can’t be managed successfully) so we are hoping for the best, and hopefully also paving the way for other dogs like her to have a shot at a good life! No matter how long she has with us, she is spoiled, happy and we are always making sure that she is living a wonderful, comfortable life!

If you would like to contribute to her care, her personal wishlist can be found below!

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