Curly is the sweetest 4 year old mutt. He came to us from Kentucky in January of 2018 after completing his mange treatments. He was full of life and ready to take on the new world until he was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. He has been given a few months to live, but we are feeling optimistic! He does not produce tears in his left eye, so he needs his eye flushed and cleaned frequently. Not producing tears makes it very hard for him to see out of that eye, but that does not stop him from moving around. He loves chewing on bones, and annoying his brothers by taking their toys. He goes with mom/dad everywhere and loves to take car rides. When it is nice out, we cannot get him inside. He loves breathing in the fresh air, and the warm sunshine on his fur. He is making the most out of every day, and is thankful for a loving home and organization to see him over the Rainbow Bridge.