Cinnamon (she goes by CeCe here!) was dropped off at a shelter in TX  at the age of 13 by her family because they “couldn’t care for her anymore”. At the time we knew she had partial paralysis in her back legs and was being treated for a UTI.  When she got to me, she was extremely sick with pneumonia – I didn’t think she’d make it through the first night. Breathing was very difficult and I got her in the next day. That was over 5 months ago.

She is mostly deaf, blind, with many medical issues and some mobility issues concerning her back legs. In addition, she has high blood pressure, a potential GI bleed and kidney disease. I can’t recall the term for her particular disease, but it results in an extreme amount of urine. This particular symptom is her worst.  We are working hard to treat her kidneys and after months of medication adjustment, finally saw a small improvement. I do everything I can to make sure she has a clean and dry environment. I’ve sacrificed many shirts as blankets when I found her blanket wet and didn’t have another available. 🙂  She sleeps in her crate but it is open and she’s in a pen full of potty pads with a shower curtain (like a tarp) under it. We use LOTS of potty pads. Her wish list may include a sling to keep her close to me for her comfortable, some cocoon type cat beds and lots of blankets to keep her safe feeling and warm.

All of that being said, she doesn’t seem to have any actual discomfort – she is an absolute trooper! After dinner she basically sleeps on my lap all evening and it’s so sweet.  She LOVES to eat, loves being outside. She is SO happy and goofy in the morning, that’s really the only time you see much activity from her. She prances around like a pony, legs everywhere, full speed, tail wagging. Otherwise a little scared and confused. I stay on top of her because I don’t want her hurting herself, she runs into things or falls easily. She definitely knows I’m mom and she “looks” for me (she usually can’t see me, but you can tell when she’s looking) 🙂