This is Chrome but we have always called him Obi. He came to the rescue with severe, untreated heartworm disease. Because of this, he was diagnosed with glomerulonephropathy, big word for “the heartworm disease affected his kidneys”. Unbelievably, he improved and went on new meds which put his kidney values back to normal. Recently, however, he was diagnosed with lung disease which is causing pulmonary hypertension and a grade 4 heart murmur.

Chrome is a handsome, loving, playful true companion dog. He loves his toys especially picking them up and tossing them in the air and then running after them. He loves to wrestle with the resident dog and play chase with his foster brother. He loves being outdoors, eating snow, going for walks, being with his people, eating and harassing squirrels. Although he has never been up for adoption to find his forever family, he did find one in us. We are lucky to have him in our family and hope to have him for a long time. Since I’ve met this little guy he has been a survivor, thriver and fighter!

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