Chloe arrived at Secondhand Hounds in early 2019 as an owner surrender. She has neurological issues with her back legs, as well as a chronic UTI. Even after three surgeries and several hours of physical therapy (she was a real trooper on the water treadmill!) Chloe still has limited use of her rear legs. That doesn’t stop her from playing with her favorite fur sibling, Mugs, and going up north to grandma’s house in the country and exploring every inch of the property. She can really scoot when she wants to – like when she spies a rabbit in the yard or hears the treat jar open.

Chloe adore meeting new people, scratches behind her bat-ears, and snoring as loud as she can while momma is on conference calls. You have never heard a dog who snores this loud! Despite her health issues, she’s the sweetest, most positive little girl. Everyone who meets her loves her! She’s a huge fan of belly rubs so sometimes she rolls around on her back and snorts until momma notices and gives her some love. Chloe is so special she even modeled sweaters for a local clothing designer. But no autographs, please; she’s a busy Frenchie.

Due to her neurological issues she experiences incontinence, so on Chloe’s Amazon wish list are pee pads, diapers and wipes. Chloe sends you a huge, snorty “thank you” for your love and generosity!

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