A lot of Blueberry’s future is uncertain and most of his past is a mystery. What we do know is this boy (6 years young) has been through quite a bit of life and has some fighting yet to do. Picked up as a stray in Kentucky, he’s already had multiple mast cell tumors removed and is monitored constantly for new growths and potential signs of the cancer spreading to his organs. Blue loves everyone he meets. Dogs, cats, people. He’s polite, gentle, sweet and his tail is constantly wagging. He’s always up for a walk, but totally satisfied chilling on the couch too. He’s also a regular (and popular) visitor at his foster mom’s office enjoying every bit of attention and adventure. Outside of the scars, you’d never know he’s dealing with a medical mess or that humans were not nice to him in his previous life.

Whether he’s a permanent hospice member or he is eventually cleared for adoption, the rest of his weeks, months or years will be full of yummy treats and comfy beds. Welcome to the good life, Blueberry.  Thank you all for your donations and support of Secondhand Hounds.