When My daughter and I picked up Benson back in November 2018, he had a horrible cough from the get go. We took him to different vets to see what was exactly wrong and tried many different medications. Until we went to the U of M, he’s been there more than a few times with emergency because his breathing also seemed labored at this time. We finally figured out a medication that worked and what this little guy had: pneumonia caused by E. coli in his lungs. He also has a lower airways disease in which, his lungs don’t function normally. His bronchial has little spiral things that in a normal lung help push out the bad stuff, but with Benson his don’t work so well. The good thing is that we found medication that works and there is no more E Coli in his lungs. The bad thing is because his lungs are compromised, his body will eventually become immune to the medication. Benson has been a complete sweetheart and joy to our family. He gets a nebulizer 2-3x a day and albuterol 2x or as needed during the day. We watch his breathing closely every day and keep him away from anything that could jolt his immune system. Benson plays with our dog and loves to sleep with our daughter. He loves to play fetch and seems to have some stuffed animal in his mouth, or snuggled up to one or fetching it! We love him so much.