This little international superhero was rescued, along with her sister, by a 5-year-old girl in Mexico, who found them abandoned and brought them to our partners at a shelter in San Pancho. Arby arrived in MN on a cold February evening, and a blizzard hit the next day. She was only 4 pounds, so we wrapped her in a warm blanket and all she slept all night without waking. In March, Arby met the family of her dreams! They fell in love with her right away. But during the introductions, Arby had a seizure. None of us knew that’s what it was at the time, and it was very brief, so the family went home and were excited to schedule the home inspection in the morning. However, later that night Arby had an obvious seizure and landed at the Emergency Vet. Then, at the end of March she spent another night at the Emergency Vet because she had a series of small seizures in one day. Upon returning from the hospital, Arby appeared depressed. We just loved and comforted her, and eventually her spirits lifted. She had a head tilt and unsteady gait which I was concerned about, but the vets said we should just continue with the medications as prescribed, and continue monitoring Arby. In May, I sent some videos to the SHH Vet office, of Arby walking on her leash. She was walking sideways, and appeared intoxicated at times, even falling over. Rachel called me the next day and said that the videos had been reviewed by the neurologist who has been treating Arby. She indicated that we’ve been doing all the treatments that would resolve the causes of Arby’s seizures, and the progression of her symptoms would indicate that Arby has idiopathic (unknown cause) encephalitis (swelling of the brain), which can be caused by various things. The doctor advised that Arby be placed in hospice, as she is not a good candidate for adoption.

Selfishly, I’m glad Arby will stay in our home, but certainly not happy about the circumstances. I am so proud of her for her persistence when her body doesn’t cooperate. Arby will gladly roll over for belly rubs and chest scratches, and demands more if you stop, by waving her paws frantically. Arby loves being carried around, and LOVES people. I can feel her tail flicking under my arm whenever she sees someone new. When she is tired she likes to lay on my chest, which has been her favorite spot since the day we brought her home. We will continue to do everything possible for her comfort, care and all around happiness, cherishing each day <3