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forever loved
hospice foster program

In the spring of 2015, Secondhand Hounds started to receive multiple requests for elderly, un-adoptable dogs in shelters. Unfortunately, our program is adoption-based, and that is how we guarantee the survival of our program. But, we could not let these senior and terminally-ill dogs live out their final days in a cold, lonely shelter. So, we started the Forever Loved Hospice Program.


This program relies on hospice foster homes to open their hearts to dogs who will not ever leave. They will not be able to find a wonderful adoptive family, they will not watch their foster dog transform into a healthy pet, they will never say “see you later,” but rather “goodbye.” As you can imagine, it takes a very selfless, compassionate, and strong foster to do this. Essentially, they are taking these dogs in as their own, and loving them fiercely until it is their time to pass.


A little goes a long way with these amazing animals. Sponsor a hospice animal for a week for $50, two weeks for $100 or a month for $200. We do our absolute best to ensure our hospice fosters cross the rainbow bridge peacefully, and many times this means keeping them at home with their doting foster families. You can provide this comfort by sponsoring an in-home euthanasia for $425. All donations, no matter the size, keep these incredible animals comfortable.

Please consider donating using the form below, or send cash or checks to our office at 5959 Baker Road, Suite 390, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Hospice Foster Animals currently in our program

Bella B.jpg

Bella B - 13 y/o

 Sweet Bella B came from a local shelter with Stage 4 Kidney Disease.  She LOVES a warm lap, her meals warm while portioned throughout the day, a daily nap in front of the heater vent, following her amazing forever fosters around the house and sleeping right between them at night.  Living her best chapter, she has her fostered well trained now.


Bernard - 12 y/o

Bernard loves all the good things in life - snoozes, snuggles, scratches, and snacks! The little man loves to motor around the house, inspecting all new shoes and bags. Any sweatshirts left out he considers to be a new napping cushion for him. We are thankful to the SHH vet experts for their care of his heart, lungs, eyes, and mobility conditions. We are honored to have this silly boy in our home, to help him live his most comfortable life. 

Click here to see Bernard's wishlist

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.14.04 PM.png

Birdie - 7 y/o

Birdie is loving life with her forever family! 

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.14.08 PM.png

Blueberry - 8 y/o

Blueberry's future is uncertain, and his past is a mystery, but what we do know is that Blue loves everyone he meets. Dogs, cats, people. His tail is always wagging, so you'd never know he's had multiple tumors removed.


Cantina - 8 y/o

Cantina is a sweet Beagle/Basset mix who at age 8 is suspected of bladder cancer. She is living comfortably with her amazing forever foster who has been through all of the appointments, plan of action, and now palliative care in her final chapter. She is a very happy girl and loves her food.

Click here to see Cantina's wishlist!


Carhartt- 10 y/o

Carhartt is a Secondhand Hounds hospice foster who has energy galore even though his back legs sometimes fail him. He's 74 pounds of love and enthusiasm for life! 

Click here to see Carhartt's wishlist

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.38.22 PM.png

Cooper - 4 y/o

Cooper was rescued as a stray in Virginia, and is one of only 30 dogs worldwide living with Short Spine Syndrome. His adventures are chronicled on his Facebook Page - Short on Spine, Big on Love!


Click here to see Cooper's wishlist!

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.14.15 PM.png

Eli - 7 y/o

Eli is a gentle giant who loves nothing more than to lay in the sun and have her belly rubbed. Medically, we had to name her a hospice foster, but she's loving life with her forever foster family.

Click here to see Eli's wishlist!

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.38.10 PM.png

Grant - 5 y/o

Grant was born with a congenital liver issue that affects the blood flow and has no cure. He was given anywhere between 6 months and 6 years to live... he loves chasing rabbits and having snacks with his foster - living every day forver loved!


Gunther - 12 y/o

Gunther is a BloodHound to the very bone.  A 13 year old Heartworm positive, blind, bump filled, constaint ear infected, skin issued boy who has a heart of gold and a nose that DOES NOT FAIL HIM.  He is a very curious and determined sweet boy who despite being completely blind, navigates every inch of his surroundings. Many creative brain toys and options to help his foster keep her sanity is on his wishlist below.

Click here to see Gunther's wishlist

Honey Boo.jpg

Honey Boo - 15 y/o

Honey Boo is a sweet, quiet, gentle senior girl. She is very patient with her foster sister who insists on snugging Honey Boo as a pillow/chair. Honey Boo was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will have thyroidectomy. Following the surgery she will be able to have a dental a few weeks later. 

Click here to see Honey Boo's wishlist

Rufus_2 (1).jpg

Rufus - 14 y/o

Rufus is loving life with his forever family! 

Julia Goolia_3 (1).jpg

Julia Goolia-10 y/o

Izzy is Julia Goolia is the sweetest, calmest and quietest girl. She's 10 years old and in typical Chihuahua fashion, she loves to burrow under the covers! She spends her days snoozing and snuggling, and curiously exploring all the comfy beds and places to sleep. 

Click here to see Julia Goolia's wishlist

Isabela (Izzy).jpg

Isabela(Izzy)-16 y/o

Izzy is almost 17 years old.  She loves to snuggle and sleep.  Chicken is her favorite food and she still enjoys prancing around outside. She is living her last chapter with a loving forever foster that loves her dearly. 

Click here to see Izzy's wishlist


Sammie - 8 y/o

Sammie's SHH story begins when she was surrendered to Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) from a local owner.  Sammie has Diabetes and we are working to manage that. Sammie loves snuggles and pets, meal time with her puzzle bowls, chicken chunks and frozen bone broth biscuit treats in her kong toys, meandering around the yard, smelling all the smells, visiting doggie and people friends, car ride adventures and barking at the front door. By far what Sammie loves the most is being loved and I am very happy to report that she is.

Click here to see Sammie's wishlist


Shakira - 8 y/o

Shakira is loving life with her forever family!


Sophia - 13 y/o

Hi!  My name is Sophia and I am a 13-years young Min Pin.  I may be a hospice pup, but don't let that fool you, I am a feisty little gal.  I have a number of health issues that the great vet team at SHH are working to treat, but I have a fighting spirit and I don't let much get me down.  My mom says that her family feels complete with me as a part of it, and my rescue brother and sister seem to agree.  The three of us love to lounge around with mom in the living room.  I may not see well, but I do love to eat and am quick to grab anything that falls on the floor.  This means mom needs to be extra careful because I am heavier than I should be, but no less lovable! I like to follow my mom around and she says she loves to hear the little "click, click, click" of my nails on the wood floor.  She also says that being a hospice foster is super rewarding because everyone (human or animal) needs a little extra help sometimes.  


Tigerlily - 5 y/o

Hi! My name is Lily and I'm the sweetest, squishiest pittie you'll ever meet! When I first arrived at SHH, everyone knew I was sick, but we just didn't know how sick until we learned the masses were mast cell tumors. Because of how quick the cancer spread and that I'll likely have a very short life span, I officially became a hospice foster. But even though everyone calls me a hospice foster, mom and dad always tell me I'm the happiest girl! I have doggy siblings , I get to go to work with mom everyday and I have so many people that love me!  My mom and dad made me a bucket list where I get to do really fun stuff that I've never done before, and so far I've just been loving life. If you ever see me out and about, feel free to say hi! I LOVE making new friends!

Love, Lily and her Furever Family

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.47.43 PM.png

Tina Turner - 4 y/o

Tina Turner is spunky, sassy, bossy and amazingly sweet. Unfortunately she has an untreatable heart condition, and a knee condition that we cannot operate on due to her heart. We're giving her the best life possible, for as long as possible.


Tippy - 11 y/o

Tippy is the sweetest girl!  She is blind, but she quickly learned to navigate the house and find all the best beds and blankets to sleep in. She loves to snuggle in and take naps., especially where she can find sunshine. Tilly sometimes tries to snuggle in with her senior foster brother, when he allows it!  Recently, she has even played a couple times with her foster sister! She loves being outdoors on a nice day, either exploring the yard or lying down and enjoying the breeze. She is a friend to everyone and just enjoys being part of the family!

Click here to see Tippy's wishlist

Trixie Lady.jpg

Trixie Lady- 14 y/o

Trixie Lady is loving life with her forever family!


Wendy - 4 y/o

Wendy was rescued from living on the streets of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and after many training attempts and medications, it was decided she would live her life with her foster family as a behavioral hospice. She has dental issues and is on prescription diet for allergies, along with anxiety medication. Wendy is being pampered and is loved immensely by her forever family and doggie siblings!


William - 15 y/o

William is loving life with his forever family! 

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.58.24 PM.png

Wishbone - 15 y/o

Wishbone is the snuggliest boy ever, and follows his forever foster everywhere they go! He has lots of energy for being 15, but mostly likes to spend his days snoozing and snuggling! As he should! 

Click here to see Wishbone's wishlist


Yoshi - 16 y/o

Yoshi is loving life with his forever family! 

In Memoriam

Those who have comfortably crossed the rainbow bridge with compassion thanks to your support. Until we meet again.

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