Legislative Bills We Support

At Secondhand Hounds, one part of our mission statement is to inspire change. So many organizations are constantly bailing out a quickly sinking boat, while not doing much to combat the root of the overpopulation and animal suffering problems. We have decided to share some legislative initiatives we support below. These are all bipartisan issues and we will never back a political candidate. We do believe it is important to share these initiatives with other animal lovers and will also share actionable items and ways each of us can affect change.

Companion Animal Board Bill

CAB Bill: The Companion Animal Board (CAB) bill was introduced with a goal of creating a state board with specific expertise and skills to lead and respond to issues pertaining to companion animal issues — including health, welfare, and well-being.

The CAB would allow the State of Minnesota to more effectively plan for and respond to the health and welfare needs of companion animals and to the efforts of local communities, citizens, and organizations that care for these animals. To read more about this important bill, please visit https://www.mncab.org.

You can support this bill by signing this petition.

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