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These Animals Need Homes!

Say YES to fostering and save their lives. 

Each and every one of the faces you see below is in need of a foster home. We cannot say yes to rescuing them without amazing foster homes opening their homes. 

If you are an approved foster home already, please select an animal below to foster! 


What will be expected of me as a foster home?

All items you need to care for your foster dog or cat (crate, food, bowl, litter box, etc.) will be provided by Secondhand Hounds, as well as any vet expenses to get them ready for their forever home. The most important part of your job will be to help reintroduce your foster animal to a home environment by giving him/her some basic training, socialization and lots of love.

Since our foster homes know the animals in their care the best, our fosters are very involved in the adoption process and decide if an applicant will be approved to adopt their foster animal. More information on the adoption process can be found on our adoption basics page.

Please review our fostering page and reach out to if you have questions before you start fostering! 

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