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fighter fund

At Secondhand Hounds, we take on the cases no one else can or will. We make sure that animals who are victims of abuse, neglect, bad breeding, or accidents have a chance. A chance to get the veterinary and emotional help they need, and eventually find loving forever homes. Our commitment to these animals comes at a price – we spend over $1,000,000 each year on the veterinary care of our animals.


Much of this goes to animals in our Fighter Fund. If they are willing to fight for their lives, then so are we. We need your financial support to keep saving these beautiful souls! Any donations received for a specific Fighter Fund animal that exceeds the cost of care for that animal will go towards the care and treatment of other Fighter Fund animals.

meet our current fighters



Andy is a 1 year old pitty who came to SHH from Kentucky and was surrendered with stab wounds



Benji is 7 year old Great Pyranees from Texas with a large mass hanging from his belly/genital area

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.png

Chitty Chitty
Bang Bang

Chitty is a 5 year old Chihuahua who was surrendered in Alabama and has a funny walk with his back leg. He will be seen at our Vet Center to determine if surgery or other treatment is needed

Frank the Tank 2.png

Frank the Tank

Frank the Tank is a 6 week old German Shepherd mix puppy with a fractured leg



Gunner is a 7 year old yellow lab who was an urgent owner surrender due to being hit by a car and needing a fracture repoair



Jamison  was infected with Hepatozoonosis americanum, a highly debilitating, tick-borne malady that is not curable and results in lethargy, decreased appetite, weight loss, muscle pain or weakness, and discharge from the eyes and nose.



Lola is a 10 year old French Bulldog with typical senior bulldog issues, including Brachycephalic syndrome, Periodontal disease, Nasal hyperkeratosis, and cataracts



Max is a 12 year old Lhasa Apso with severe periodontal disease, heart murmur, and glaucoma in his right eye. Due to blindness, size, and pressure in his right eye, its recommended for removal 



Meadow is an 8 week old lab puppy fighting Parvo who came to SHH with her sibling, Field, who unfortunately passed away from Parvo



Olivia is a 10 month old pitbull with an old leg injury that appears to be from being shot. She will need to have her left rear leg amputated



Ozzy is a stray lab/hound mix who had a large lump on his leg before his leg was amputated and confirmed the lump was cancerous. 



Stevie is a 3 month old lab who is paralyzed in her back legs. She will visit the Vet Center to determine if her paralysis can be treated or is permanent

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