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feral cat outreach

Secondhand Hounds has expanded the support for our community with our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) and Feral cat placement. We are fortunate to be able to assist cats who are not able to be rehabilitated, fostered and adopted into a home.

Please see below for more information about our specific directives. We appreciate your donation to support this work in the community.  Do you have questions or want to know more information? Contact!

TNR: trap, neuter & return

TNR is a program that helps manage the feral cat population by sterilizing and vaccinating the feral cats in the community. These cats are outdoor cats that cannot be brought into a home environment, for safety reasons, due to their temperament. The cat gets humanely trapped in a live trap that can be borrowed from the SHH office.

We then help facilitate sterilization at one of our vet partners. Each cat then receives an “ear tick” so TNR cats can be easily identified by other trappers. Once surgery is complete, the cat is ready to be released to the same environment it was trapped in. The sterilization helps control cat colonies, decreases the stress of mating and pregnancy in the wild, and improves the cats physical health. Each cat also receives a rabies vaccination to help keep the cat and the community safe.

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Shelter Building

Every fall/winter we facilitate a shelter building event made from donated coolers. These shelters are then distributed to partners across the greater metro to use for their TNR cats. The shelters can then be packed with straw/blankets to keep the cats safe from the Minnesota elements.


In January of 2020 we were able to assemble over 50 shelters to give to those in need for the winter months.  

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Pavot Feral Placement Program

The majority of the cats in the TNR program get returned to their community to continue thriving where they were found. On occasion, some of the cats need to be relocated. Since their temperament does not allow them to be placed in foster homes, the Pavot Farm Program was created.

If you are looking for a good mouser, have adequate outdoor shelter, and room for the cat to roam your property, this might be a good option for you! These cats are outdoor only. When a cat needs placement, you will be contacted by the TNR Coordinator with further instruction. This program runs on a suggested donation of $50 per cat. The donation offsets the cost of sterilizing the cat and the equipment used to integrate the cat onto the farm. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped save a life! If you are interested in having a farm cat please fill out the form below!

Pavot Feral Cat Placement Application

Thanks for submitting!

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