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Foster Eligibility & Rules for Events

Questions about the below requirements? Contact your foster coordinator. For a list of upcoming events, visit our events page

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  • Dogs must be out of a shelter environment for 14 days. Sometimes dogs have been in a foster home prior to coming to SHH so ask your foster coordinator if they are able to attend!

  • Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old with at least one set of shots a week prior to the event.

  • Puppies 12-16 weeks MAY NOT touch the ground (this means they need to be held or in a wire crate).

  • Dogs must be reasonably behaved for an on-leash event.

  • Dogs who are causing a ruckus, distraction, or a scene will be asked to leave.

  • Cats must have at least one set of shots, test negative for Feline Leukemia, and if over four months, must have rabies vaccination.

  • Cats should be in visible crates for potential adopters to view (t​his means wire crates, not plastic. There are many small wire crates available at the office if you need one).​

  • Dogs and cats must be in a healthy condition.

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