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chuck & don's pet wellness center

Secondhand Hounds is expanding! 

Secondhand Hounds is thrilled to announce a brand-new way of approaching animal wellness coming to the Twin Cities this fall, thanks to the incredible generosity of Chuck & Don’s Pet Wellness Stores. After People & Pets Together, the Twin Cities’ first pet food shelf, joined the Secondhand Hounds family this past spring, it became clear that providing pet food and supplies to families facing economic hardship was only part of this puzzle.

By providing more comprehensive services, such as grooming, veterinary care, and training, Secondhand Hounds could help animals stay with the families that love them, which would allow rescues to concentrate on truly homeless animals. Without the support of Chuck & Don’s, this dream could have never become a reality. Luckily, this venture fits perfectly with Chuck & Don’s mission of providing holistic pet wellness to every animal. The Chuck & Don’s Pet Wellness Center (CDPWC), a center committed to maintaining the pet/human bond, will be opening this fall in Minneapolis.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the CDPWC?

The Chuck & Don’s Pet Wellness Center (CDPWC) will house People & Pets Together’s pet food shelf, as well as expanded services, such as increased veterinary care access, training classes, and grooming for those dealing with economic/financial insecurity.

What is the vision?

The long term vision of the CDPWC is to provide social services to anyone who loves an animal, to enable them to keep their beloved pet where they should be – with their families.

When is it opening?

Construction is underway, and we are hoping to open by late fall/early winter! Expanded services will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

Why did Secondhand Hounds decide to start this?

Animal rescues often concentrate on bailing out the sinking ship of homeless animals, without trying to patch the holes! We believe this wellness center will start patching those holes in the Twin Cities. By enabling families to keep their beloved pets, Secondhand Hounds can concentrate on animals who are truly homeless. Too many families who adore their animals have to give them up because they cannot afford to keep them. With over 1 million animals being euthanized annually, this doesn’t make any sense. We believe that any heart that has room for an animal should have one.

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