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Winnie C200478 *special needs*

Manx / Domestic Short Hair / Female / Young

Details about Winnie C200478 *special needs*

  • ID C200478
  • Available for Adoption
  • Cat
  • Tuxedo
  • Activity Level: High
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Winnie C200478 *special needs*

  • Energy Level: High
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Name: Winnie
Age: ~DOB 8/14/2020
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Weight: 6 Pounds
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Litter Box Trained: Yes
Energy level: High
History: Local stray
Adoption Fee: $250
*Special Needs: Manx syndrome - incontinent*

From the Foster:

Winnie is a very special kitty who is looking for a home as unique as she is. Her perfect home would be with people and animals to interact with. Windows to stalk neighbors, and hopefully, people who love to get rubbed on and cuddled. 



Being raised with dogs has been somewhat confusing for Winnie. She wants to go outside and on walks and is sad when she is asked to be left home alone. If other animals are in the house, she doesn't mind being without people.  She travels well and enjoys being in the car. Because of her additional care, Winnie has become accustomed to taking weekend trips to visit family and adjusted easily to the new environment. 


Other Pets and Children:

Winnie loves to be with her foster siblings. During the day, she prefers to be kept in the room where they are kenneled. If she feels like she is being left out (going out for walks or on the wrong side of a closed-door) she will share her unhappiness by loudly singing. Winnie would benefit from being in a home with other animals. She often follows the dogs around and relies on them to play but other cats would also be able to show her how to embrace her feline side. 


Winnie is very active and loves to play with her toys. She does zoomies around the house but then settles in to relax in a sunny window. She loves watching birds and squirrels in the yard but also likes to know where everyone in the house is and what they are doing. Because she thinks she is a dog, she has put herself on a schedule that involves napping during the morning and sleeping in bed at night. 


Special Needs Care:

Winnie and her brother were found in a window well as kittens. As they were taken in and cared for, we began to notice that Winnie was having “accidents,” especially when she was sleeping. After a lot of testing, it was discovered that Winnie has Manx Syndrome and she can’t feel when she needs to go to the bathroom. 


Winnie is very lucky that she does not have any paralysis or other defects that often come with Manx Syndrome, but she does require extra care to make sure she lives a happy and healthy life. This includes assistance in going to the bathroom, a special diet, and regular vet visits to make sure she is healthy. 


If you are used to having a bathroom schedule with a dog, Winnie’s bathroom needs are no problem. She is usually expressed (pushing on her bladder until the urine comes out) right away in the morning, after work, and a few times throughout the evening. She still may have accidents, especially when sleeping or relaxed so she has become accustomed to wearing diapers around the house.  Not having a tail comes in very handy and Winnie usually just wears newborn-sized baby diapers. This is also great for traveling - NO LITTER BOX!!

I think Winnie knows that her people go to extra lengths to keep her safe and healthy so she returns the love through lots of cuddles and affection. In the evenings and throughout the night, Winnie loves to curl up and purr loudly. She may require more attention and care than a regular cat, but she will help fill your heart and home with love.